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  • How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof?
    A professional roofing contractor can let you know if your roof needs to be replaced or not, but here are a few ways you can check yourself: If you have a shingle roof that’s over 20 years old, it’s probably ready to be replaced Visually inspect your roof by walking around it and looking for signs of cracks, missing shingles, or curled up shingles Take a flashlight into your attic and look for signs of water leaks, including wet spots or water damage
  • Does Shield Exteriors Operate in Fort Wayne?
    Shield Exteriors is your #1 metal roofing contractor in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for an affordable metal roof or the most high-end option on the market, we can install it for you! Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne, IN When it comes to installing a metal roof on your Fort Wayne home, you have a few different options to choose from: Ribbed Metal Roof – A ribbed metal roof is built using large, ribbed metal panels. While it’s the most affordable type of metal roof, it’s still extremely durable and tends to outlast asphalt shingles. Standing Seam Metal Roof – Standing seam metal roofs are a bit more visually appealing than ribbed metal roofs. The name refers to the way the metal panels are connected together; the fasteners are hidden by a seam so nothing is exposed to the elements. Metal Shingles – If you want one of the most durable roofs money can buy, but still love the traditional look of shingles, a metal shingle roof could be perfect!
  • Does a Metal Roof Increase a Home’s Value?
    Yes, a metal roof is proven to increase your home’s value by up to 6%. Plus, you’ll likely recoup up to 96% of the cost to install the metal roof depending on the state you live in. What’s also great for your home’s value is when a roofing company offers a double lifetime warranty. Here at Shield Exteriors, we provide a TRUE, accident-free, double lifetime warranty so you can feel confident with your purchase. We cover anything that might happen to the roof, including weather-related issues, and the warranty transfers to the next owner of your home. Pros & Cons of a Metal Roof Wondering if a metal roof is worth the cost? We can assure you that it is, but here are a few pros and cons so you can decide for yourself. Pros of a Metal Roof Extremely weather-resistant Low-maintenance Last 50+ years Energy efficient, lowers utility bills Variety of styles and colors Easy to install solar panels Cons of a Metal Roof More expensive upfront Higher labor costs compared to asphalt shingles It might be a bit noisy during rainstorms
  • Is It Cheaper to Get Shingles or a Metal Roof?
    In general, it’s cheaper to have an asphalt shingle roof installed compared to a metal roof. However, if we’re talking about maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the roof, a metal roof is actually more affordable in the long run. For example, if your metal roof lasts 60 years but your asphalt roof only lasts 20, you’ll need to replace an asphalt roof three times just to outlive the same metal roof.
  • Are Metal Roofs Worth the Extra Cost?
    We don’t want to say you get what you pay for, but… it’s true when it comes to the quality of the roof you install on your home. Metal roofs are absolutely worth the extra cost and here’s why: Metal roofs last longer – A metal roof has 2-3x the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof depending on the material you choose. While an asphalt shingle roof might last 12-30 years, a metal roof can last 50-80+ years and will likely be the last roof you ever have to purchase. Metal roofs require less maintenance – While a metal roof still needs to be maintained, it’s much less intensive than the maintenance of an asphalt roof. Simply keep the metal panels and gutters clean, replace any damaged fasteners and metal panels, and have the roof inspected every 12-18 months. A metal roof increases the value of your home – Whether you plan to stay in your home for a long time or are looking to sell in the next few years, a metal roof is still a solid investment. Why? A metal roof can increase your home’s value by up to 6%, and you’ll likely recoup 96% of the money you put into it. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly – Metal roofs are a great eco-friendly option. They’re usually made out of recycled materials and are easier to dispose of than asphalt. Plus, they help your home be more eco-friendly by lowering electricity bills; reflecting sunlight and heat to keep your home cool during summer, and insulating your heat during winter. Pros & Cons of a Metal Roof Wondering if a metal roof is worth the cost? We can assure you that it is, but here are a few pros and cons so you can decide for yourself. Pros of a Metal Roof Extremely weather-resistant Low-maintenance Last 50+ years Energy efficient, lowers utility bills Variety of styles and colors Easy to install solar panels Cons of a Metal Roof More expensive upfront Higher labor costs compared to asphalt shingles It might be a bit noisy during rainstorms
  • Metal Roof vs. Asphalt Shingle: How Long Does the Roof Last?
    Metal roofs last much longer than asphalt shingle roofs. A metal roof can last 50+ years, whereas an asphalt roof needs to be replaced every 12-20 years. Roof Warranties Another thing we want to mention here is that most new roofs come with some type of warranty. Of course, the warranty you receive all depends on the roofing company you hired for the job. In general, a metal roof comes with a more comprehensive and long-lasting warranty compared to asphalt shingles, mainly because the company installing them knows how durable they are! For example, here at Shield Exteriors, we offer a TRUE accident free double lifetime warranty. This means we will fix your roof regardless of the reason for the damage, whether it was an accident or storm damage. The double lifetime part means your roof warranty transfers to the next owner of your home, should you decide to sell. With that extensive of a warranty, you can see how easy it is for your metal roof to last a lifetime (or two!).
  • Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles: Which One is Best?
    There’s really no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best roof for your home is really based on what you’re looking for. Whether a metal roof or asphalt shingle roof is better for you mainly depends on: Your budget. Are you just looking for the cheapest option? Then an asphalt shingle roof is probably best for you. You could also opt for a ribbed metal roof, which is usually comparable in price to asphalt shingles. Do you want the most cost-effective option throughout the life of the roof? Go with a metal roof. The weather where you live. Metal roofs are extremely weather-resistant. They can withstand snow, rain, high winds, and even hail with little to minimal damage. With a properly installed metal roof, you won’t have to deal with the damage and deterioration common with asphalt shingles. How long you’ll live in your home. A metal roof can last a lifetime. However, you might not care too much about this if you don’t plan on living in that home longer than 5-10 years. That said, a metal roof can add to the resale value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. What is an Asphalt Shingle Roof? An asphalt shingle roof is the most affordable and common roofing option. Asphalt roof installation is easy, so initial labor isn’t too steep, and it’s made from low-cost materials. Asphalt shingle roofs require annual or bi-annual inspections and maintenance to ensure they last their allotted lifetime, which can be anywhere from 12-20 years. Advantages of Asphalt Shingles Affordable Easy to repair Simple installation process Widely available Easy to find contractors to install it Disadvantages of Asphalt Shingles Only last 12-20 years Can be damaged by weather and extreme temperature changes Requires regular maintenance Not many different looks to choose from What is a Metal Roof? While a metal roof might only bring to mind the roof of a barn, metal roofs are highly sophisticated with a modern look. You might not even realize how great a metal roof could look on your home, not to mention the energy savings, low maintenance, and weather resistance! Metal roofs are installed in large sheets, unless you opted for metal shingles. These metal sheets are built using specific fasteners that tightly lock the panels in place. Ideally, a metal roof will be the last roof you’ll ever need. With a lifespan of 50+ years (and an amazing lifetime warranty from a local roofing company), metal roof installation can be a great investment. Advantages of Metal Roofs Extremely durable Lasts 50+ years Energy-efficient, helping you save money on utilities Little to no maintenance required Makes it easy to install solar panels Come in a variety of styles and colors Disadvantages of Metal Roofs Higher upfront cost than other roofing options Requires a skilled labor team to install Could be a bit louder than other roofing options during rainstorms Metal Roof vs. Shingles: The Main Differences Price Asphalt shingle roofs are the most budget-friendly option. A metal roof costs significantly more than an asphalt shingle roof, sometimes coming in at 2-3x the cost. As to the exact price difference, it’s hard to say without knowing the type of metal roof you want and where you live. The price of your metal roof depends on which type you want: The most affordable metal roof is an imperial ribbed metal roof, and prices can be comparable to a high-quality asphalt shingle roof. The middle ground is a standing seam metal roof. The most expensive metal roof is a metal shingle roof. While a shingle roof has a lower initial cost, it’s actually the least cost-effective option in the long run. Why? Because an asphalt shingle roof won’t last nearly as long as a metal roof. In fact, you’ll probably end up replacing an asphalt shingle roof two to three times before a metal roof needs to be replaced. The Most Affordable Roof: Asphalt Asphalt shingle roofs are more affordable up front, but metal roofs are most cost-effective in the long run. Lifespan One of the biggest differences between metal and shingle roofs is how long they last: Asphalt shingle roofs typically last about 12-20 years depending on how well they’re maintained. Metal roofs can last 50+ years, easily outlasting the lifetimes of multiple asphalt shingle roofs. The Roof That Lasts the Longest: Metal Metal roofs can last 2-3x longer than an asphalt shingle roof, giving you a lot more for your money. Maintenance & Repairs Metal roofs require less maintenance than asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are easily affected by weather, making them prone to damage and leaks. It’s recommended to have your shingle roof inspected once every year or two to check for damage or leaks. You can expect to pay for regular repair and maintenance to fix up leaks, replace sealants, or repair rubber pieces. Of course, maintenance differs by state. If you deal with hotter summers and colder winters, you’ll see more wear and tear on your asphalt shingle roof than if you lived in a mild climate. The Roof That’s Easiest to Maintain: Metal Metal roofs are more durable and require less maintenance. Durability Metal roofs are much more durable than asphalt shingle roofs. Being made of, well, metal, these roofs are nearly impenetrable and can withstand rotting, rust, and insects. They also handle extreme weather and temperature changes without breaking down like asphalt shingle roofs. Plus, a metal roof doesn’t absorb water like asphalt does. Instead, it directs rain and snow away from your home. Asphalt shingles can deteriorate after absorbing water, become damaged from extreme heat, and collect snow and rainwater. In addition to durability, metal roofs handle heat better. One of the best parts about a metal roof is that it’s more energy efficient than asphalt shingles. Shingles absorb heat, making your home even hotter during the summer months. A metal roof does the opposite, reflecting sunlight and heat to help keep your home cooler. The Metal Roofing Alliance estimates you could save as much as 40% on your electric bill with a metal roof! The Most Durable Roof: Metal A metal roof is the most durable option. Eco-Friendliness Metal roofs are very eco-friendly. Here’s why: not only are they usually made from recycled materials, but they’re easy to recycle when they need to be replaced. Plus, since metal roofs last so long, they don’t need to be disposed of as often as asphalt shingles. Not to mention indirect benefits, such as using less electricity to cool your home during warm summer mentions. While it is possible to recycle asphalt, the process is complicated and not widely available. Because of this, most asphalt shingles end up in landfills. The Most Eco-Friendly Roof: Metal A metal roof is more environmentally-friendly.
  • Why Is It Important to Keep Up With Metal Roof Maintenance?
    You might be wondering why it’s important to keep up with metal roof maintenance if it’s such a strong, durable material. Here’s why you don’t want to skip out on roof maintenance: Keeps Your Roof Looking Great Neglecting metal roof maintenance and letting dirt and debris build up can damage the paint on your roof. To preserve the aesthetics of your metal roof, make sure to keep it as clean as possible year round. This way, you won’t have to worry about re-painting or replacing any degraded panels. Avoid Expensive Repairs Regular inspections can uncover minor issues that need to be fixed. If you fail to fix these problems when they’re first discovered, they can turn into even bigger, more expensive fixes. You wouldn’t want to let a loose screw or uneven seam turn into serious water damage, right? Prolong The Life of Your Roof Metal roofs are projected to last at least 50 years depending on the type of metal roof you have installed. However, that’s accounting for proper maintenance and repairs. Without annual inspections, regular cleaning, and fixing any minor issues that pop up, you might not get the full lifespan out of your roof. Make sure you protect your investment with ongoing roof maintenance.
  • How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?
    A metal roof can easily last up to 80 years and could very well be the last roof you ever have to put on your house — it’s extremely durable, weather-resistant, and cost-effective. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely maintenance-free. We’ve installed roofs in the Indiana area for decades, so we know what it takes to properly maintain a metal roof. Here’s what you need to know about how long a metal roof is expected to last and what you can do to prolong your investment. The Average Life Expectancy of a Metal Roof While metal roofs can last around 50-80 years, the average lifespan of a metal roof depends on the type of metal roof you’re having installed. Here’s what you can expect for each type of metal roof material: Ribbed metal roof – 50+ years Standing seam metal roof – 50+ years Metal shingle roof – 80 years This is great news for anyone who needs to put a long-lasting roof on their home or is looking into buying a home that already has a metal roof installed. When you have a new metal roof on your house, it might not ever need to be replaced. Metal Roof Maintenance While a metal roof requires much less attention than an asphalt shingle roof, there are still a few things you should know about how to maintain a metal roof: Schedule annual inspections so a professional roofing contractor can identify any areas of concern, damage, or weakness. Clean off your metal roof regularly. This job is best left to the professionals, as they’ll know how to properly clean your metal roof without damaging the paint or metal panels. Clean out debris gutters, drains, and valleys. If water pools up in these areas, it could start to corrode the metal. Replace any damaged or loose screws, especially if your metal roof has exposed fasteners (like a ribbed metal roof). You might have to repaint it every 20 years or so, as the color will eventually start to fade. Without proper maintenance, you could be left with expensive repairs or need to replace your metal roofer sooner than expected. We always recommend metal roofs to our customers because we know that, in the long run, it’s going to be the best choice. These are a few reasons why metal roofs last so much longer than other types of roofing materials. Metal is More Durable Than Asphalt Whether you opt for a standing seam metal roof with panels or metal shingles, the material is extremely durable. It can withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and potential damage from debris. In general, it’s much less susceptible to damage. A tree branch that could’ve put a hole through asphalt shingles might just leave a small dent in your metal roof. Metal Roofs are Weather Resistant Not only can a metal roof stay strong in the face of water damage threats from rain and snow, but it also does well with extreme temperature changes. If you live in Indiana or Michigan, you know how extreme the seasons can get: we have hot summers and cold winters. These dramatic temperature changes cause your roof to expand and contract, which could easily cause damage if it wasn’t the right material or if it was installed incorrectly. Luckily, the way a metal roof is installed allows for this natural expansion and contraction, so it can keep up with the seasons. Metal roofs are also resistant to mildew, fire, and insects, unlike asphalt shingle roofs.
  • What Affects The Lifespan of a Shingle Roof?
    Regular Maintenance & Inspections The lifespans provided above are just general ranges. One of the largest factors affecting how long a shingle roof lasts is whether you kept up with regular inspections and maintenance. Just because your roof doesn’t have a giant leak or obvious hole doesn’t mean it’s in perfect condition. It’s recommended to have a professional roofing contractor come out and inspect your roof every six months. They’ll check for: Sagging Missing shingles Damaged or loose shingles Signs of mold Signs of rotting Water damage or leaks
  • What is Shield's Accident Free Double Lifetime Warranty?
    Have you ever heard of a Double Lifetime Metal Roof Warranty? We’re not surprised. Shield Exteriors is the ONLY roofing company in the Midwest offering this amazing warranty. Our TRUE Double Lifetime Accident Free Metal Roofing Warranty (wow, that was a mouthful!) is unmatched. Other roofing companies don’t touch this kind of warranty because they can’t back it up like we can. How are we able to offer such a strong warranty? Because we believe in our products and services, and we want this to be the last roof you ever have to put on your home. We know it’s a long name for a warranty, but we want you to know exactly what our warranty includes. Here’s some more detail on each part of our unique metal roof warranty. Double Lifetime What exactly is a double lifetime warranty? It means the warranty is transferable to the next owner of your home should you decide to sell it. This is a huge pro to prospective buyers when selling your house. Not only will they have the benefits of an incredibly safe, reliable roof, but they’ll have a warranty that covers anything that could happen to it. Accident Free No matter what happens to your roof, Shield Exteriors has you covered. We’re the only roofing company in all of Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio with a warranty that includes accident coverage. Our warranty includes: Accidents Storm damage Did a tree fall during a storm and damage your roof? Did high winds cause damage? We will fix your roof so it’s good as new! Our Roofing Services Do you know your house needs a new roof but aren’t sure which kind to get? Our roofing experts can break down your options. We provide both metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofs. Our roofing services include: Metal ribbed roof – This type of roof lasts nearly twice as long as asphalt shingles and comes at a similar price. Standing seam metal roof – requires less maintenance than other types of roofs, plus it adds a sleek, modern look to your home. Metal shingle roof – A metal shingle roof is durable and looks great. Asphalt shingle roof – while we primarily install metal roofs, we also offer asphalt shingle roofs. These come with a lifetime warranty.
  • What are the Benefits of a Residential Metal Roof?
    A metal roof is one of the best investments you can make in your home. There’s a reason the demand for residential roofing is on the rise over the last few years — homeowners are finally realizing it’s a much better investment than other types of roofs. Here are some of the best benefits of metal roofs. Learn more about how a metal roof can help you save money and improve the resale value of your home while being environmentally friendly! Top 7 Benefits of a Metal Roof There are many benefits to choosing a residential metal roof. As experienced metal roof installers, we know we’re a bit biased. However, we’re still here to present you with the best information possible! It Can Last 50+ Years (And Might Be the Last Roof You Buy!) It Can Last 50+ Years (And Might Be the Last Roof You Buy!) The longevity of a metal roof is only as good as the contractors who installed it. If your metal roof is installed by a Metal Roofing Alliance Member Contractor (like Shield Exteriors!), it can last 50+ years! This is a HUGE benefit — an asphalt shingle roof usually needs to be replaced every 15-20 years. A metal roof can outlast the lives of 2-3 lower-quality roofs! It could be the last roof you’ll ever need to buy. Work With a Member of the MRA Members of the MRA are held to a high standard and are confirmed to have the training required to correctly install a metal roof. Unlike an asphalt roof, metal roof installation requires a higher level of training and experience to get the job done right. Make sure you pick the best roofing contractors for the job! Metal Roofs Are Extremely Weather-resistant Metal roofs are very weather-resistant. They can withstand high winds, heavy snow, extreme rainstorms, hurricanes, hail, and even wildfires. A metal roof won’t shrink, crack, or erode like asphalt roofs do. They’re also great at shedding rainwater and snow, which means you’ll have less risk of leaks and water damage. They’re Cost-effective While a metal roof is more expensive upfront, it pays off in the long run. Instead of replacing your asphalt roof every 15-20 years, a metal roof can last a solid 50+ years. Even if a metal roof is twice the cost of the asphalt roof you received a quote on, you’ll have to buy two to three asphalt roofs by the time a metal roof needs to be replaced. It could very well be the last roof you ever have to put on your home! Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here’s what makes a metal roof so cost-effective: Longevity – You won’t have to replace a metal roof nearly as often as an asphalt shingle roof. Save money on energy costs – Metal roofs reflect sunlight and heat, so you won’t have to pay as much to keep your home cool during the summer months. It’s also a great insulator during winter, helping your home retain its heat. Less maintenance than other types of roofs – Metal roofs don’t require much maintenance. You won’t have to replace eroded asphalt shingles, patch leaks, or replace damage like asphalt shingles. That said, we still recommend getting an annual inspection just to make sure everything’s safe and sound. It’s the Most Environmentally-friendly Roof Metal roofs are the most sustainable roofing option available. Here’s why: they’re 100% recyclable. Plus, depending on the metal panels you choose, they’re usually made with at least 25% recycled material. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are difficult to recycle and usually end up in landfills. Metal roofs aren’t replaced as often, meaning less waste in general, and can be recycled when the time comes. Energy Efficiency Metal reflects sunlight and heat, meaning you’ll use less energy to keep your home cool during the summer. Plus, you’ll save on your electric bill! Other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, hold onto heat, making it more difficult to cool down your home when it’s hot outside. Cool-Metal Roofing Cool-metal roofing is a special finish. It’s highly reflective and contains special cooling pigments, allowing the roof to reflect even more solar energy and keeping the surface temperature of the roof low. They’re Easy to Take Care Of Another one of our favorite benefits of metal roofs is they require barely any maintenance, especially when compared to an asphalt shingle roof. Not only is a metal roof able to withstand severe weather, but it’s also resistant to fungus and moss buildup. Instead of having to replace damaged or rotting shingles every year or two, you’ll only need annual inspections! You’ll have peace of mind knowing your roof is one less thing about your home you have to worry about. All that’s involved with metal roof maintenance is: Annual inspection Paint touch-ups Clearing any debris Boosts Your Home’s Resale Value A home with a metal roof can be much more attractive to potential buyers than a home with an asphalt roof. According to the MRA, on average, houses with a metal roof see up to a 6% gain in resale value compared to homes with an asphalt roof. Should you decide to sell your home, you’ll likely recoup 85-95% of the cost of the roof! Drawbacks of a Metal Roof Nothing is ever going to be perfect. While there are a few drawbacks to a metal roof, we believe the benefits far outweigh them. Price It’s true. Metal roofs are more expensive than their asphalt shingle counterparts. However, this depends on the type of metal roof we’re talking about. For example, here’s how the pricing works: Ribbed metal roof – A ribbed metal roof is the most affordable type of metal roof. The price is usually about the same as asphalt shingles but lasts twice as long. Standing seam metal roof – A standing seam metal roof is a great option. It’s more expensive than a ribbed metal roof, however, it has a more modern look. A lot of customers prefer a standing seam over a ribbed metal roof. Metal shingle roof – This is the most expensive metal roof. However, it offers a more traditional “roof” look compared to the modern standing seam option. Noise As you might have guessed, a metal roof will be slightly noisier than other roofing materials. It won’t be anything too loud, but you’ll definitely notice it during a rainstorm. That said, some people actually love the noise of rain on a metal roof! Benefits of a Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles These are the main differences between a metal roof and asphalt shingles. (For an in-depth explanation, check out our guide on metal roof vs. shingles.) Lower energy costs. You will have lower energy costs with a metal roof compared to asphalt shingles. Metal roofs reflect sunlight and heat, so you won’t need to use nearly as much energy to keep your home cool when it’s hot outside! Less maintenance. Asphalt shingles can be a bit high maintenance, especially if you have a lot of rain, snow, or live under trees that cause debris to build up on your roof. In comparison, metal roofs require barely any maintenance. Stronger durability. Metal roofs are much more durable than asphalt shingles. Whether it’s extreme weather, moss buildup, insects, or rot, a metal roof won’t be bothered by it. Plus, they last 50+ years compared to the 15-20 year life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof. More appealing. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from when it comes to metal roofs. Asphalt shingle roofs don’t have as many options.
  • What Happens if You Don’t Replace Shingles?
    If any issues are discovered during your inspection, it’s important to take care of them. If you’re missing a shingle or have a few cracked shingles, it’s best to get them replaced now before they turn into a larger (and more expensive) problem. Getting ahead of the small stuff will help your roof last longer overall, as having a properly-maintained roof means you’re protecting the structure underneath. Plus, one of the huge pros of a shingle roof is that it’s easy and affordable to replace a shingle here and there. How Weather Affects a Roof’s Lifespan While this is out of your control, the weather where you live also plays a large part in how long your roof will last. For example, if you live in a place where it rains all the time, an asphalt shingle roof won’t last as long as it would in a place that’s dryer, as it’ll be more prone to deterioration, leaks, mold, and debris buildup. Also, a metal shingle roof is much more weather-resistant than asphalt shingles. States with extreme temperature changes like we see here in Indiana can be a lot rougher on asphalt roofing. A metal roof will last longer than an asphalt one even in places with more severe weather. Living somewhere with more severe rain and/or snow just means you have to be even more on top of your regular maintenance. After a storm, it’s important to clear off any debris left on your roof, make sure water isn’t pooling up anywhere, and have your shingles inspected for damage.
  • Do Metal Roofs Leak More Than Shingles?
    When installed correctly, no, metal roofs should not leak more than shingles. In fact, they should be more leak-proof than shingles. The key here is to make sure you’re hiring an experienced roofing contractor with strong reviews and a successful track record (like Shield Exteriors!). Metal roofs are designed to shed snow and rain, drawing them away from your home to prevent water buildup. Plus, metal roofs don’t absorb water like shingles do, so you shouldn’t have to deal with water damage or moisture buildup.
  • What is the Maintenance of a Metal Roof?
    A metal roof is a great investment to make in your home. While it’s true that a metal roof requires much less maintenance than other roofing materials, it still requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the roof lasts the expected 50+ years! We recommend having a trusted roofing contractor conduct the following inspections and maintenance. It’s safe to let professionals handle everything instead of getting up on the roof yourself. Plus, they know exactly what to look for and won’t miss any important issues an untrained eye might overlook. The maintenance required on metal roofs includes: Annual inspections Cleaning off debris Checking the integrity of each metal panel Replacing damaged or loose screws You won’t need to fix a metal roof as much as an asphalt roof. However, annual inspections are still important. Here’s exactly how to keep up with the maintenance on your metal roof. Annual Inspections Even though a metal roof is weather resistant and less prone to damage, it’s still important to have your metal roof inspected by professionals every 12 to 18 months. Make sure they check for: Rust Debris Damaged roof flashing Loose or separated seams Damaged or loose screws Cleaning Off The Metal Panels Making sure your metal roof stays clean will keep it looking good for years to come! Plus, on a more serious note, it ensures the structural integrity of the roof. Make sure your metal roof panels are free from anything that can stick to the surface and degrade the paint or metal. This includes things like dirt, mildew, paint, and pollen. A professional metal roofing contractor is the best option when it comes to cleaning your metal roof. They know the best way to clean everything off without causing any damage to the paint or metal panels. Fix Damaged Roof Flashing Roof flashing is a thin layer of metal that redirects water away from critical areas of your roof. Essentially, the flashing is responsible for making sure water doesn’t pool up in areas where it could cause damage to your home. Even if this is the first time you’ve heard about “roof flashing”, it’s a vital part of your roof (and the safety of your home!). Make sure there isn’t any damage to your roof flashing. If there is, get it fixed ASAP to avoid water damage. Clean the Gutters, Drains, & Valleys Even though your roof is made of metal, it’s still important to clean it regularly. Get rid of any debris and buildup from the metal panels, gutters, and drains. When there’s excess debris buildup, it can retain water. This poses a risk of corroding the metal and attracting insects. Plus, sticks and branches could scratch the paint on your metal panels! Again, this is a job that’s best left to professional metal roofing contractors, unless you’re familiar with how to safely and effectively clean out your gutters, drains, and valleys. The cleaner you keep the roof, the better! Replace Loose or Damaged Screws It’s recommended to have the screws checked on your roof about every 10 years, or even sooner if your metal roof has exposed fasteners. Not all types of metal roofs have exposed fasteners. If you have a ribbed metal roof, you’ll have exposed fasteners. However, if you have a standing seam metal roof or metal shingles, the screws are hidden underneath the metal, so they aren’t exposed to the elements. Loose or damaged screws are one of the more common repairs needed on a metal roof. Why would the screws on your metal roof loosen? There are a few reasons: Compression from snow or ice can push the metal panels down beneath the screws, exposing the screws to the elements. Rubber gasket deterioration is one of the most common issues metal roofs can have. While the screw itself might be perfectly fine, the rubber gasket that sits between the screw and the metal panel can deteriorate over time. If this happens, it could cause the screw to loosen. Thermal expansion is just part of having a metal roof. As the seasons cycle through different temperatures, your metal roof panels will expand and contract. An experienced roofing contractor should have installed your roof in a way that allows space for this expected movement. However, it’s still important to keep a close eye on this over the years. Fix Separating or Loose Metal Panel Seams The seams holding your metal roof together are vital for keeping moisture away from your home. The seams of your roof should be regularly inspected to make sure there aren’t any loose or separating seams. If there are, it’s important to get them fixed!
  • Why Choose Shield Exteriors as Your Roofing Contractor?
    Choosing Shield Exteriors to install your roof has many benefits, including: Double Lifetime Warranty – We hold a 5-star standard of service and take pride in our work. We provide a TRUE double lifetime warranty on every single metal roof we sell. We Guarantee Our Work – We stand behind our work 100% no matter what happens, whether it is weather-related or accidental. No need to work with your insurance company, we will handle everything for you. Competitive, Affordable Financing – Our flexible financing options include $0 down and interest rates under 5% (based on approved credit). We offer 100% financing, with payments as low as $69/month. Local Roofing Company Serving Fort Wayne Having a metal roof installed on your home is no simple feat. Metal roofing contractors need to be experienced, diligent, and have a promise to back up their work. Here at Shield Exteriors, we’re all of the above and more. Our team is dedicated to protecting your most valuable assets — your home and family. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve been serving the state of Indiana for years, with thousands of happy customers.
  • How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last?
    Buying a roof is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re paying for a roof that will last. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing option in the United States — four out of five homes are covered with asphalt shingles. But how long does a shingle roof last? Depending on the material of your shingle roof, it can last anywhere from 12-30 years. Plus, with the rain and snow we see here in Indiana, proper maintenance is crucial. With years of experience installing residential roofs, we’re breaking down how long each type of shingle roof is expected to last and how to get the most life out of it. In general, a shingle roof can last anywhere from 12-30 years. However, the lifespan of a shingle roof depends on the materials it’s made with, your local weather conditions, and how well you maintain your roof. Shingle Roofing Materials & Their Lifespans Here’s a general range for how long different types of shingle roofs last: 3-tab/strip shingles – These are the most cost-effective option and also tend to have the shortest lifespan, lasting around 12-18 years. Premium/architectural asphalt shingles – A properly maintained premium asphalt shingle roof can last up to 30 years. Premium asphalt shingle roofs are more durable and provide an elevated look, mimicking the look of expensive slate shingles. Metal shingles – A metal shingle roof can last up to 80 years. While you will pay a higher cost to install metal shingles vs asphalt shingles, one metal shingle roof will outlive 2-3 asphalt shingle ones.


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