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Ribbed Metal Roof Installation

We Service Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio, and Southern Michigan

When it comes to metal roofing, there are multiple options you can choose from. Each has its own unique look, benefits, and, of course, a price difference.

Ribbed metal roofs are by far the most popular metal roof our customers choose. Here's exactly what a ribbed metal roof is and how you could benefit from one.

What is a Ribbed Metal Roof?

A ribbed metal roof is a durable roof built using large, ribbed metal panels with sloped sides.

The high-quality metal is durable, yet flexible enough to be used in many ways, including as a roof for residential homes, commercial buildings, or even as a siding or fence.

If you're wondering whether they look like corrugated metal roofs, they're much different. A corrugated metal roof has a wavy look, while the ribbed metal roof contains sharp lines and tall metal ribs. The ribbed metal roof has a unique, appealing look.

Ribbed Metal Roof Installation

Ribbed metal roofs are installed using exposed fasteners. The metal panels are installed to slightly overlap and the fastener is drilled through both layers of metal down into the structure beneath.

Installing a ribbed metal roof is best done by professionals. While some people might like to try and install their own asphalt shingle roof or hire the lowest-priced contractors, metal roof installation requires skill and professionalism to ensure the job is done right.

Benefits of a Ribbed Metal Roof

  • It's the most affordable metal roof. Metal roofs are more expensive than their asphalt shingle counterparts. However, a ribbed metal roof is the most affordable and tends to be similar to the price of asphalt roofing. The installation labor isn't as intensive as other metal roof types and the materials are more affordable.

  • Variety of colors available. There are plenty of color options for ribbed metal roofs — you can opt for everything from a neutral beige to a bright red.

  • Durable and long-lasting. A ribbed metal roof can last 50+ years, which is double the expected lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofs can withstand temperature changes and aren't as affected by rain and snow as asphalt shingles are.

  • Requires little to no maintenance. Another great aspect of metal roofs is they rarely require any maintenance. A ribbed metal roof might need its external fasteners to be replaced every now and then, but that's about it!

Ribbed Metal Roof vs. Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is of slightly higher quality than a ribbed metal roof. Here are the main differences between them.

  • Installation method. Ribbed metal roofs use exposed fasteners to secure the roof and have a quicker (and more affordable) installation process. A standing seam metal roof still uses fasteners to secure the metal panels down, but they're hidden by metal seams. So, while both use fasteners, they're only exposed on a ribbed metal roof. This is a win for standing seam metal roofs because the fasteners won't be exposed to the elements and it provides a cleaner look.

  • Price. A standing seam metal roof is more expensive than a ribbed metal roof. However, some homeowners prefer the standing seam metal roof, even with its higher price, because they like the way it looks.

  • Mounting options. A standing seam metal roof makes it easier to mount things such as solar panels or snow retention systems without actually penetrating the metal panels. On a ribbed metal roof, it's likely that your roofing contractor would need to drill into the panels to secure these items.

Why Choose Shield Exteriors for Metal Roof Installation?

  • We offer affordable financing plans. We know a new roof is a big investment. That's why we offer flexible financing plans with $0 down and low interest rates based on approved credit. Your monthly payments could be as low as $69!

  • Our lifetime warranty is unmatched. We offer a TRUE accident free double lifetime warranty on all of our metal roofs. There isn't any other roofing company in the Midwest with this incredible warranty. It covers damage from anything, including accidents and storm damage! Plus, double lifetime means it's transferrable to the next owner of your home.

  • We're highly experienced. Shield Exteriors is second to none when it comes to experience and reputation. From our staff's 100 years of combined experience to our 1,000+ five-star reviews and expert installation crews, we know how to get the job done right.

Experienced Metal Roof Installers in Indiana

Do you need a new roof? Our roofing experts will install a ribbed metal roof meant to last a lifetime! We provide roofing installation services to residents of Indiana, Northwest Ohio, and Southern Michigan!

Give us a call at 260-818-6072 or contact us today for a FREE roof estimate!


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